Alicia in the Media:


Alicia McBride is a leading voice for empaths today. She is the internationally best-selling author of I Feel Too Much: A How-to Guide for the Beginner Empath and The Empath Effect: Powerful Stories of Love, Courage & Transformation, as well as the children’s book I Love You When. An empath and healer, she holds a B.A. in Psychology and is a reiki master and a certified yoga instructor. Alicia’s calling is helping empaths and sensitive people learn to manage their emotions and experience relief from overwhelm and exhaustion. Find her online at; she would love to hear your story. 

Sample Interview Questions & Topics:

  • How to Handle Your Empathic Sensitivities.
  • How to Open to Unconditional Love for Yourself: 5 easy techniques to practice self-love.
  • Empaths and Love: What to do when you already feel love for your date.
  • Is Being an Empath Your Superpower?
  • The Difference Between Being an Empath and Having Empathy.
  • How to Tell the Difference Between Your Energy and Someone Else’s.
  • Getting in Touch with your Intuition: How to listen and follow your inner voice.
  • How to Handle Overwhelm and Exhaustion: The two major things you can do to change your life.
  • What are the Advantages of Being an Empath?


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