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What is an empath?

An empath is someone who can feel the energy from other people, animals, places or objects.  An empath is in tune with the energy around them.  Not only can they imagine what someone else feels, but they physically feel someone else’s emotional distress or physical pain in their own bodies.

I am an empath, now what?

You’ve probably spent most of your life piling on other people’s emotions, trauma and baggage.  You piled it on top of your own emotions, trauma and baggage, so high that all of your shit is stuffed and buried at the very bottom of what feels like a sticky tar pit.  I completely understand you.  Not only can I feel what you are feeling (Hi empath!), but I have been in your shoes, submerged in the sticky tar pit. 

You have likely experienced emotional distress, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, adrenal burn-out and/or what feels like permanent exhaustion.  You probably have close relationships with a narcissist or other toxic people. 

What can you do?  The first step is to ground and protect your energy to prevent you from piling on more that’s not yours. 

Through the journey of a spiritual awakening, learning the words empath, narcissist, gas-lighting, emotional abuse and completely transforming my life, I wrote a book to help others just like me.  I see you.  I feel you.  You are not alone.  I would love to help you clear the excess energy, work through your baggage and transform the sticky tar pit into a beautiful sanctuary.  I know you can do it. 

Now is your time.  You didn’t find this website by accident; you are meant to be here.  It’s your time to practice self-care.  Allow me to hold space for you and show you the door.  I can shine light on the door, but it’s up to you to walk through it.  I know you’re ready. 

“I Feel Too Much: A How-To Guide For The Beginner Empath,” is ready for you.  Find it here –  Amazon and Books-A-Million.

Is there a community of other people like me?

Of course, there is!  A whole community is waiting to welcome you with unconditional love and open arms.  You can find us on Facebook, in a group called Beginner Empath.  We are here to answer questions, and offer fun activities and moral support.  You are not alone.  

Hi!  This is me.  Post kids, pre cancer, and shortly before a divorce.  Yeah, I’ve been through it too.  Probably, a lot like you, I smiled through the pain.  Have you ever felt an ache in your heart so big, but you were too afraid to tell anyone it hurt?  Yeah, me too.  I’ve been on both sides of the fence; I can tell you it gets better.  It takes a lot of work but it’s definitely worth it. 

Healing is second nature for me.  When I was little, I sent energy protections to my family.  I had no idea that’s what I was doing, no one told me how to do it, and no one told me it even existed.  I felt it.  I sent my family healing energy before I ever understood what that was, or found out it wasn’t “typical.”  It’s hard to describe how I open, allowing energy to flow from me or from the earth and send it, over any distance, for other people to receive.  It’s hard to describe, but I know it happens, I feel it and they feel it.  It’s beautiful and amazing and perfectly crazy.

I want to help you, you right here, who is going through something similar to what I went through.  I want to help you make your life better.  I want to help you feel better.   I’m now offering energy healing sessions and online workshops, to help clear the clutter and the excess, so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.  

Learn, heal and grow, right here! 

Dive deeper into your healing journey with insightful classes and workshops.

Learn new skills, heal your soul, and grow into the beautiful human being you are meant to be.  Sign up here.

During the empath energy clearing distance session, I thoroughly clear your aura, remove the excess energies that you have collected and rebalance your energy.  

Afterwards, I email you a write up of your session; including what we talked about in the beginning and what I felt from the healing session.  This session is 60 minutes, including the first 15 minutes on the phone. Book Now.

Rune Readings are an ancient form of divination, they can help guide you on your true path. 

Similar to Tarot or Angel Cards, they can help you choose a direction, make a decision, or take a peek at what’s to come. 

Schedule today!

During an empath energy overhaul distance session, I clear your aura and remove excess energies.  Then, I work down through your chakras to help clear blockages and balance the energy centers.  If you are interested in receiving messages from your spirit guides, I can connect to them to relay a message. 

Afterwards, I email you a write up of your session; including what we talked about in the beginning, what I felt from the healing session, and if I received any messages from spirit.  This session is 75 minutes, including the first 15 minutes on the phone. Book Now.

International Best Seller: "I Feel Too Much: A How-To Guide For The Beginner Empath"

Have you recently discovered you are an empath?  Do you feel everything?  Are you often overwhelmed or permanently exhausted?  Are you affected by the moods and emotions of other people? Leap into a journey of healing and self-discovery.

In this book, you will:

  • Learn seven clear steps to propel you in the right direction.
  • Experience guided meditations to protect your energy and release negativity.
  • Acknowledge your spiritual gifts and learn how-to accept them.
  • Discover ways to make your daily life easier and less overwhelming.
  • Learn to navigate the world while meeting your newfound requirements.

Working through the steps will help you let go of burdensome baggage, feel lighter, evolve into your true self, and realize your true-life path. You will be ready to face whatever is next.  You can do it.  Begin by turning the page.

Find it online at Amazon or Books-A-Million.

“I love this book. You will too. I could hear Alicia speaking directly to me. I felt the words. They just flow so naturally and authentically. Like we were just chatting. This book delivers the goods. The tools and inspiration to get through the challenges, as well as celebrating the blessings of being an empath. Many pearls of wisdom to live by and practice every day.”

“I was initially skeptical, but as I started reading I found bits of myself. I felt like I was reading a book about ME. It’s an easy read and it felt like Alicia was right there with me along for the ride. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves.”

“I love how the author walks the steps with you as if she is guiding you while in the room. She teaches you how to embrace your gift and move ahead.”

"I Love You When"

Is this the best children’s book of all time?!

I Love You When, is a delightful children’s book filled with clever rhymes and simple artwork.  This picture book also includes colors, numbers and shapes- it’s a fun learning experience!  It’s great for parents and grandparents to express unconditional love to their children.  From happy and sad, to silly and serious, it’s enjoyable for grown-ups to read over and over to their kids, ages infant to 8 years.

This popular children’s book is dedicated to Julia Adams, who bravely fought a rare form of childhood cancer. She gained her wings at 3 years old on March 15, 2020. See her journey.

A donation is made to the Chordoma Foundation for every book purchased, in honor of Julia.

I Love You When is available online through Amazon, and you can also read this great book for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  See more here.


My Happy Clients!

“Alicia is the real deal: compassionate, loving and knowledgeable! She performed a rune reading ᛖᛟᚢ for me and was spot-on! I highly recommend working with her!” Gretta B.

“I had a beautiful rune reading done by Alicia! The reading was on point and exactly what I needed! Thank you so much, Alicia! Love your energy! Would definitely recommend!”  Jessica T.

“The healing light showed up exactly at a time when I needed it, I will listen daily… Voice was very soothing and warm, it takes a lot to calm my mind. Thank you.”  Stacy M.

“Alicia was amazing at giving chakra cleaning in a loving and creative way!  She was spot on at pin pointing deep rooted pain and pressure in my body.  I especially liked her use of beautiful images of butterflies and colors to remove these blocks in a wonderful creative way!  Thank you so much Alicia!”  Julie R.


“Thank you, Alicia for the wonderful distance healing session this morning! I feel really good and listening to my body. The write up was a treasure and I appreciate all the specific details to help me focus on my journey. Thank you, again…”  Jenny R.


Questions are free!

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