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Trust Your Gut: Maximize Your Intuition

Learn to Finally Trust Your Gut by Maximizing Your Intuition

Wouldn’t it be great to get access to solid guidance that would help you trust that every decision you make is the right one?

Especially in times like these where so many of us are rethinking so much of our lives?

Great news! You already possess this inner wisdom: all that is missing is your ability to access it, a subject I explore in my new training program, “Trust Your Gut: Maximize Your Intuition.”

Would you like to learn how to…

  • Cultivate your intuition?
  • Be on a soul-aligned path?
  • Get answers to your big-life questions?
  • Understand what your body is trying to tell you?

Think you are too busy to take this training? The program is just 44 minutes long and you can access it whenever you feel the time is right.  Plus, you’ll receive a PDF download so you can take notes, answer questions, and follow along anytime.

Sign up here.

P.S. At $65 this course represents a bargain that will save you time and remove doubt and hesitation from your life. Priceless! 

What clients are saying:

“I enjoyed the intuition workshop very much! Alicia provided insightful information and kept it simple. Connecting to self and source made simple.” -A.E.


Block Toxic Energy NOW!

Discover how to ground yourself, protect your energy, and feel a whole lot better.

Learn it in Less Than an Hour!

Fellow Empaths and Sensitive People:

You know how difficult it can be to be us — people who are extraordinarily sensitive to the energy given off by others — and to struggle with overload, negative, scattered and fuzzy thinking.

The good news is I am offering a new quick way to shield and protect yourself from this dissonance:  an easy workshop to learn how to ground, protect and shield your energy designed exactly for people like you.

This workshop will help you:

  • Avoid being sucked in by toxic people
  • Stay focused in your thoughts
  • Say no to information overload
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed
  • Handle life’s inevitable heavy situations with greater ease

The solution for achieving these benefits is to equip yourself with your own personal ground fault interrupter.  I’ll teach you what you need to know to protect yourself just as you protect your expensive electronic components from electrical overload.

Grounding helps connect you to the Earth and stabilizes your energy.  It recharges you, allows you to stay in your body and it levels you out. Protecting or shielding creates an energetic barrier around your body to help prevent everyone else’s energy from getting to you.

The Block Toxic Energy & Stabilize Yourself Workshop will teach you everything you need to know by sharing with you exactly what to do using resources such as meditation, crystals, breath work, and visualization.


Alicia McBride

P.S. Investing just one hour of your time in this workshop that you watch at your convenience will likely lead you to greater productivity and happiness. Use the link above to sign up and get started now, it’s only $65.

I am happy to schedule local book signings, workshops or other events.  If you are interested, please email me here: