Everything is made up of energy, everything physical, all of our actions, all of our thoughts, it’s all energy.  Energy healing restores balance in the body, mind and spirit. It helps you to re-connect to your body’s power and heal itself.  The practitioner uses energy to manipulate your energy field (aura) that surrounds your body and adds life force energy to allow yourself to heal. Energy healing is never harmful, it will only benefit you to your highest good. Everyone has their own path and healing yourself can help you to clear away old and make room for new, more positive energy.

Energy can cross space and time, my higher-self tunes into your higher-self and energy.  It’s as if you are right in front of me.  The intention is to send healing energy, and so it is. There is no harm in having distance healing energy sent while you are awake and moving around, you will still receive all of the benefits. 

You can use Energy Healing for physical or emotional issues.  It can be used in conjunction with medical practices to assist in healing pain, anxiety, fatigue and depression. It can help you sleep, relax, support your immune system, remove energy blockages and raise your vibrational frequency.  Your body is capable of healing itself, you can use Energy Healing for nearly anything.

You can go about your normal day, without any interruption.  We can communicate through email if that works best for you.  If you want, you can stay at home, and relax in your jammies.  You can receive Energy Healing or Rune Readings anytime, anywhere.

Your higher self is your real self, the eternal consciousness that goes above and beyond your physical form.  You are always connected to your higher self; you just have to learn how to communicate with it. Your intuition comes from your higher self, that’s a good place to start listening. Who are you really? What defines you? You are not your job, you are not your home, you are not your car, you are not your thoughts, you are not your body, you are your higher self. You are this amazing, beyond physical, spiritual entity, and you just happen to be having a physical experience. Your higher self has the view of your many lifetimes, it contains deep knowledge of yourself and the universe. It can assist you in healing yourself from illness, mentally or physically, it is the source of the light and lifeforce inside of you.

Chakra (chak-ra) comes from the Sanskrit language of India and literally translates to ‘circle’ or ‘wheel.’  A chakra is an energy point (cluster of nerves) along the main energy channel that flows from the upper brain, down to the base of your spine.  It regulates your physical, mental and emotional states.

Pranayama is breath work.  It’s a way to control, enhance and accumulate prana (life force) within the body through breath.  Practicing pranayama (breath work) can clear the chakras, begin self-development and heal physical and emotional imbalances. 

A mantra is a rhythmic repetition of a sacred sound.  Mantra meditation practice can calm the mind and bring the practitioner into a one-pointed state of awareness.  The sound uses the vibrations to energize and transform the brain and nervous system.