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New Book Release for Empaths!

The Empath Effect: Powerful Stories of Love, Courage & Transformation sky rocketed on the charts to #1 international best seller.  People are comparing this book to Chicken Soup for the Soul

What happens when you realize you are an empath? 

You transform, just as the caterpillar breaks down in the cocoon. You shed your old ways, your old skin, and you recognize your bad habits and the toxic people in your life.  You may go through an awakening of the soul.  It feels big because it is big.  It’s life-changing.  You are now the butterfly.

Empaths have superpowers, and once you step into yours and embrace your gifts, you become who you were meant to be. You realize you are not “too sensitive” and don’t need to “toughen up.”  You no longer feel exhausted, drained and, overwhelmed. You understand you are not alone.  Life suddenly makes sense. 

This book is a collection of stories from twenty-two empathic authors who share the journey of their awakening, transformation, and recovery.  Their stories contain beautiful poetry, vivid descriptions of how an empath can see the world, and compelling messages of change, healing, and joy.  These are real stories shared from the heart. 

The Empath Effect is a powerful tool for healing. If you’re an empath or sensitive person, this book is a must-read.  Take the plunge and discover your empath effect.

Find it online at Amazon and Books-A-Million. (Affiliate link)

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Fantastic Reviews:

“Alicia McBride has beautifully curated two dozen empowering stories of trauma, self-discovery, and hope.  The words on these pages will leave you feeling encouraged and connected on the most profound spiritual level.  An absolute must-read for every wonderfully sensitive person.”
-Sunny Dawn Johnston, Psychic Medium and Author of Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends

“Chicken soup for the empath soul.” –Desiree

“McBride has compiled a remarkable collection of stories from a montage of authors. If you’ve been told “You’re too sensitive” read this book. It’s about wielding your unique gifts and changing your small (or big) piece of this world.” –Lisa

“It reminds me a little bit of a Chicken Soup for the Soul (book) but for empaths!” -Kevin

I Feel Too Much: A How-To Guide For The Beginner Empath

I feel too much international best seller empath reiki spiritual book

Have you recently discovered you are an empath?  Do you feel everything?  Are you often overwhelmed or permanently exhausted?  Are you affected by the moods and emotions of other people? Leap into a journey of healing and self-discovery.

In this book, you will:

  • Learn seven clear steps to propel you in the right direction.
  • Experience guided meditations to protect your energy and release negativity.
  • Acknowledge your spiritual gifts and learn how-to accept them.
  • Discover ways to make your daily life easier and less overwhelming.
  • Learn to navigate the world while meeting your newfound requirements.

Working through the steps will help you let go of burdensome baggage, feel lighter, evolve into your true self, and realize your true-life path. You will be ready to face whatever is next.  You can do it.  Begin by turning the page.

Find it online at Amazon or Books-A-Million. (Affiliate link.)

Fantastic Reviews:

“I love this book. You will too. I could hear Alicia speaking directly to me. I felt the words. They just flow so naturally and authentically. Like we were just chatting. This book delivers the goods. The tools and inspiration to get through the challenges, as well as celebrating the blessings of being an empath. Many pearls of wisdom to live by and practice every day.”

“I was initially skeptical, but as I started reading I found bits of myself. I felt like I was reading a book about ME. It’s an easy read and it felt like Alicia was right there with me along for the ride. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves.”

“I love how the author walks the steps with you as if she is guiding you while in the room. She teaches you how to embrace your gift and move ahead.”

I Love You When

Is this the best children’s book of all time?!

I Love You When, is a delightful children’s book filled with clever rhymes and simple artwork.  This picture book also includes colors, numbers and shapes- it’s a fun learning experience!  It’s great for parents and grandparents to express unconditional love to their children.  From happy and sad, to silly and serious, it’s enjoyable for grown-ups to read over and over to their kids, ages infant to 8 years.

This popular children’s book is dedicated to Julia Adams, who bravely fought a rare form of childhood cancer. She gained her wings at 3 years old on March 15, 2020. See her journey.

A donation is made to the Chordoma Foundation for every book purchased, in honor of Julia.

I Love You When is available online through Amazon (Affiliate link.) or Books-A-Million and you can also read this great book for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  See more here.

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Fantastic Reviews:

“I recommend this book. My son loves it. Twenty pages is more than I expected. This book would be a perfect gift.” -Valeria

“Very cute book to read to your little ones. Even better it supports a super special little girl names Julia fighting a rare cancer. Please consider this book to help her and her family on her battle.” -Heather

“It’s amazing to see a simple, yet uplighting, loving, and positive book for parents to read to their little ones. I even bought one for my nephews. It teaches them at an early age what unconditional love is. In addition to being a fabulous children’s book, the book’s proceeds go towards a good cause. I wish more authors would have the heart that this author does, especially at that price point!” -Allyson