If you can close your eyes, then you can experience relief from feeling overwhelmed.  

Let go and enjoy life while using these easy techniques to help you handle life’s heavy situations.

You move through life in a permanent state of exhaustion. You give and give and give without receiving. You feel overwhelmed by the smallest task. Everything feels too hard. I completely understand, I was there too.

It is hard, but what if that could change?

Before I found the word empath, my life was a hot mess. I was overwhelmed, overloaded, depressed, stressed, and permanently exhausted. My soul was tired. I needed help. It took a long time but eventually, I found the help I needed and I flourished. It was hard but I transformed.

The need to create is embedded into my soul, and I want to help make your life a little easier. Less of a hot mess, just like I needed in the beginning. My seven-year-old describes my work by saying “I will teach you things that you don’t know, that I know.” I am happy to do exactly that. Combining my background in Psychology with my life experience, teaching experience, and unique perspective; I’ve created this masterclass just for you.

This masterclass will help you:

  • Avoid being sucked in by toxic people.
  • Stay focused in your thoughts.
  • Say no to information overload.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed.
  • Handle life’s inevitable heavy situations with greater ease.

The solution for achieving these benefits is to equip yourself with your own personal ground fault interrupter.  I’ll teach you what you need to know to protect yourself just as you protect your expensive electronic components from electrical overload.

Grounding helps connect you to the Earth and stabilizes your energy.  It recharges you, allows you to stay in your body and it levels you out. Protecting or shielding creates an energetic barrier around your body to help prevent everyone else’s energy from getting to you.

The Block Toxic Energy NOW! masterclass will teach you what you need to know through resources like; meditation, crystals, breath work, visualization, and more.

The quicker you get started with this masterclass, the quicker you’ll see results. Sign up now and receive two free bonus resources; Ten Ways to Ground your Energy, and Five Ways to Protect or Shield your Energy.

Love it or Leave it Guarantee:

The Block Toxic Energy NOW! masterclass comes with a no hassle, thirty-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the masterclass, just email me within the next thirty days, and I’ll issue you a refund. No worries.

Your time is now! Let’s get you feeling less overwhelmed and more capable of enjoying life. It’s only $65!  Click here to SIGN UP NOW. Watch the masterclass at any time.

I’d love to hear from you after you take the class. Feel free to email me at HealingLightEmpath@gmail.com to let me know what you think and how it’s working for you.

With lots of love and gratitude,

Alicia McBride