Two weeks ago, my friends and I took a trip to the Florida Keys.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and to say it was incredible is putting it mildly. We snorkeled on the third largest coral reef in the world, we spent a day on Dry Tortugas (Fort Jefferson), we walked around Key West for eleven hours, we kayaked through the Mangrove Tunnels (trees with above the water complex root systems that you pull yourself through- super cool!), we visited Bahia Honda Beach (home of white sand and crystal clear waters), and we swam with Dolphins.

I’m still shocked, we did all of that in six days. Everything was a fantastic experience.  On the scale of 1-10, every day was at least an 8, it was amazing.  But, one of the days was an 11.

On the boat ride out to Dry Tortugas, I had the 11 experience. 

I danced with the boat.  It led and I followed.  I was completely in tune with my own energy, connected to the boat through my feet, not holding on the the hand rail, with my knees slightly bent, I moved with the boat and the ocean. 

I stood right there at the bow while my entire body was massaged by what felt like 70 mile an hour winds (but I checked, the apparent wind was only 35mph).  

I faced the wind, hands free, looking out over the ocean while dancing with the boat.  I took the deepest breath I’ve ever taken. My lungs filled with salty fresh air.  I could breathe.  I felt free.  I felt connected to everything around me, the boat, the water, the entire ocean, the sea life below and the human life above.  

It was magnificent. 

My body was full of gratitude.  Feeling connected like that was beyond words.  I need to remember that I can feel connected in that way anytime and anywhere.  That ability is already inside of me and I just need to get in touch with it.  

I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.  I brought it home with me inside of my heart and will connect to it whenever I need.  

The world is a beautiful place, and although tragic things happen, there are many, many good people and good experiences.  You just have to find them.  Get in touch with your own energy and find the positive ones just like you.  

A gigantic thank you to Amy for making the trip and this magnificent experience possible.  I am grateful. 

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Alicia McBride is a leading voice for empaths today. She is the internationally best-selling author of I Feel Too Much: A How-to Guide for the Beginner Empath and The Empath Effect: Powerful Stories of Love, Courage & Transformation, as well as the children’s book I Love You When. An empath and healer, she holds a B.A. in Psychology and is a reiki master and a certified yoga instructor. Alicia’s calling is helping empaths and other highly sensitive people understand how to use their gifts and navigate this world.  Connect and keep in touch with Alicia by signing up for her nourishing newsletter here.