Are you an empath?  What is an empath?  What are the signs of an empath?  Are empath’s rare?  

These are great questions and probably the reason you are here.


What is an empath?

An empath is someone who can feel the energy from other people, animals, places or objects.  An empath is in tune with the energy around them.  Not only can they imagine what someone else feels, but they physically feel someone else’s emotional distress or physical pain in their own bodies.

What are the signs of an empath?

Your depth of feeling seems endless.

You can feel everything, you feel other’s pain and suffering at the deepest of levels.  You not only love with your whole heart, but with your soul too.  You feel like you have an unending depth to you that no one else understands.  People may call you “too-sensitive” or “overly emotional.”  Since you can feel the energy of other’s, being in large crowds can feel overwhelming.  You may have a hard time watching the news, or certain movies that are too dramatic or scary.

People easily tell you their life stories or over share frequently.

Have you ever been in line at the grocery store and the person next to you, or the cashier, starts talking to you out of nowhere and tells you all about their crazy day, week or year?  They are naturally drawn to your light.  This also makes you a target for energy vampires and narcissists, stick to your boundaries.  Babies and animals love you.  You can probably talk to animals.  Try it.  (Then tell me about it in the comments.)  You seamlessly connect with people on a deep and meaningful level.

You can become a chameleon.

You are in your heart of hearts a free spirit and love so many things, it’s easy to become someone that someone else wants you to be.  You love nature, animals, being creative and breaking rules.

You are a natural healer.

You may not know how, but you know you can send out healing energy.  You know can manipulate energy; you can feel it.  You are drawn to alternative healing modalities.  You have a big heart and you want to help people; you may already be in a healing profession.

You may struggle with addictions.

This happens because you are so overloaded, you want to numb the pain and make everything go away.  You want to escape.  You can feel the highest of highs but that also means you can feel the lowest of lows, and sometimes that is unbearable.  You need to let go of everyone else’s energy.  You don’t have to carry that burden.

You may be prone to illness.

All the energy you take on can manifest into physical illness and emotional illnesses like depression and anxiety.  You have to learn how to tell what energy is yours and what’s not.  You may have digestive disorders or lower back problems from being out of balance, un-grounded and holding other people’s pain.  You may feel constantly fatigued and need naps and lots of downtime to recharge.

You need to retreat to your safe space and shutdown, completely.

I urge you to practice self-care!  If you need to walk into another room, close the door and cry, please do it.  Walk around outside barefoot, or sit in the grass, sand or dirt, whatever you have available.  Postpone your to-do list and do whatever you feel like doing, even if that only lasts 30 minutes or an hour.

Sometimes, you just “know.”

You don’t know how you know, and you have no proof, but you just know!  This can irritate other people who need proof.  They may hound you for proof that you don’t have.  I’m not helpful in this particular situation, I normally get frustrated and yell “I just know!”  You can easily tell when someone is lying, and it’s hard to be around someone who is inauthentic.  It’s also hard to do things you don’t enjoy because it feels like a lie.  You prefer complete honesty and authenticity.

Are empaths rare?

Yes.  Empaths make up about 1-2% of the population, about 1 person in every 50 is an empath.  Empaths are different from people who are empathetic or “highly sensitive.”  You will find about 1 person in every 7 who is empathetic or highly sensitive, it’s much more common.

I see you.  I hear you.  I feel you.  I understand you.  What do you do if you’re an empath?  Start with this book (paid link): “I Feel Too Much: A How-To Guide For The Beginner Empath.”

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I love questions, comments and concerns!  Tell me about your empath experience in the comments.

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